A Premier Second Home and Four Season Mountain Retreat

Thousand Acres at Deep Creek Lake is an 1,120-acre property which contains eight miles of prime lakefront shoreline surrounding gently contoured wooded terrain and spectacular mountaintop views.

Thousand Acres Properties For Sale

Deep Creek Lake is located in the Allegheny Mountains of Garrett County, in Western Maryland.  Seventeen miles long and covering 3,900 acres with 65 miles of wooded shoreline, Deep Creek Lake was impounded in the 1920’s to produce hydro-electric power, and became Maryland's largest freshwater lake.

The Smith family purchased Thousand Acres more than sixty-five years ago, and the property has remained under the stewardship of the family ever since.  The property is currently owned by the late Patricia Smith Erker and Constance Smith Franklin.

The owners have long recognized the ultimate development potential for Thousand Acres. The mountainous landscape and mild summer weather coupled with the beauty of Deep Creek Lake have attracted more and more visitors to Garrett County in recent years.  Enhanced access to major East Coast metropolitan areas from nearby Interstate highways has dramatically increased the demand for second homes around the lake.  In response to this strong demand, the owners have entered into a comprehensive master plan for the development of the entire Thousand Acres property that will continue their tradition of thoughtful stewardship of the land.  This master plan includes lakefront and mountain top view lots, along with a golf course and residential community.

This family commitment to stewardship ensures that Thousand Acres will retain the quiet residential character that is the signature of its unique heritage. The family’s vision is to maintain this quality in the way of life for Thousand Acres residents who seek out this quiet, picturesque portion of the lake for their homes and vacation playgrounds.